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U10's v Fishguard 22nd Jan 2023

This morning your mighty U10’s welcomed Fishguard to a glorious Pill Parks. A match that we were to play on the top pitch, with a bumper crowd and a packed stand of willing supporters.. Llangwm we’re ready to go to war!

Fishguard are another strong team, and with Llangwm missing 6 players from the squad today, this was expected to be a tough battle.

I’ll admit, I was a little concerned mid-week with so many players unavailable… but on the flip side.. this was a massive opportunity for our newer, less experienced rugby players to go out, front it up, get stuck in, learn and enjoy their rugby.

And oh boy did they do the business!!! What was to follow was an epic performance from these mighty wasps!

Fishguard won the toss and opted to kick off. At us they came in full force but the wasps held firm, early tackles being made and it wasn’t long before the ball was turned over in our favour and it was ‘miss consistent’ Gracie, who found herself shrugging off numerous tackles to get over for the opening try of the match.

Back came Fishguard, trying desperately to break our solid defensive line. Big hits came in from Kyzer and Tom. Turnover awarded in our favour, ball passed out to Gethin who beat 3 Fishguard boys and then patiently waited to pop the ball out to Grace who then had an easy run-in to get her second.

That try was made, firstly from the turnover, but secondly from Gethin who showed awareness and skill to send his teammate on her way towards to the try line. Epic!

It was the blues that pressed forward again, but the Llangwm defence stood solid.

Mahooosive hits came in from Finn all game. He was text book all morning. Finn made many a try saving tackle, not only in open play but also when we were under pressure on our own try line.

Captain Charlie put in a massive shift today. He didn’t miss one tackle, his runs were strong, direct and fast. He organised his team and encouraged them all game. Very impressive Charlie!! ?

Llangwm soon found themselves back on the front foot.

Harley-Jay covering out wide on the wing.. stopping everything that came his way, while also producing some beautiful runs to get us way down the pitch, his soft and accurate off load sent Kyzer into open play for him to cross the white wash for his first try of the day.

Going into half time, the wasps were ahead by 3 tries.

The half time team talk was easy…. More of the same please!

More strong runs, keep hitting the gain line, keep supporting the runners, keep the defensive wall tight, and keep smiling!!!

From the off, Llangwm we’re courageous! Carys got us going with mighty runs, beating half the Fishguard team, lovely pop pass, keeping the ball alive.

Harley showing huge bravery in the contact area. He then found himself with ball in hand, being closed down and smothered by the boys in blue, Harley didn’t panic. He scanned his surroundings, found his nearest Wasp, popped the ball out to Ed who beat one player, then another, then gave a lovey pass out to Kyzer who went on yet another rampage, knocking down anything that came in his way like a bowling ball in a skittle alley! Sprinted down field to cross for his 4th try of the day!!

Fishguard did answer back with a few tries to keep Llangwm on their toes. But the wasps looked ultra comfortable out on the park.

The pack pressing forward and pilling the pressure on. Tom sprinted into the blues ball carrier, made the hit while stealing the ball at the same time. Head down, knees up, ball under his arm, Tom charged through the on coming traffic to run in from the half way line to push the score board ever more in Llangwm’s favour.

Bobby was set the mission of getting up on the Fishguard runners early, close them down and give them little space to move.

Mission complete!

But this wasn’t enough for this hungry wasp. He wanted a piece of the try action. He turned to me and asked if he could have a run…

why aii Bob… get in there son!!

Carys kicked off with a pass to Ed, who ran forward, turned and delivered a lovely direct pass to Bobby. Bobby with ball in hand, and only one thing on his mind, proceeded to out class the opposite team!

The Bobster sent his twinkle toes to work, ducking and diving around the park to run in from deep to cross for the perfect solo try!

Happy Bobster!!!

Next up to give it a go was the illusive Isla! When Isla gets momentum, she is with out doubt one of our deadliest runners!

We were under the cosh on our own try line, the mighty wasps bravely defended for their lives.

Tom and Gethin hitting the ruck, turning the ball over, Carys coming away with the goods, passed out to Isla who proceeded to run forward beating a few players, she decided to come back on herself and beat them again! Onwards she went, dancing her way through the entire Fishguard team, all the while with THE BIGGEST smile on her face! It’s honestly a delight to watch!

Diving over the try line, she immediately turns to the on looking supporters to give them all a huge wave and of course… a huge smile!

With Fishguard struggling with the continuing pressure, Llangwm found themselves with a bit more space to run.

Fishguard had no answer at all for Grace… our turbo charged fighter jet ran in try after try.

Showing true grit and determination throughout the match, our Gracie came away with an impressive double hat trick of tries! Outstanding Gracie!!

Final score

Llangwm 70 Fishguard 35

This was a great result for the mighty wasps. We lost in the away fixture back in November by 2 tries.

And with so many players unavailable today, this just shows how well these guys are coming on.

Not just in skill, but in confidence as well.

I tip my hat to each and everyone of you. I was honest after the match, and admitted to the players that I didn’t expect that today.

Every week you continue to impress your family and coaches. Very well done to ALL of you today.

A true TEAM effort that gave 110%!



Captain Charlie, Grace, Carys, Finn, Harley-Jay, Isla, Kyzer, Ed, Harley, Bobby, Tom, Gethin


Grace 6, Kyzer 4, Isla 2, Bobby 1,

Tom 1

Can’t thank the volunteers enough for feeding all the teams that played at Pill parks this morning.

We’re all very grateful for what you all do.

It’s tough on these guys who help out at every home game. It would be lovely if they could have some help every now and again… so please don’t be shy in coming forward to volunteer to share the load!

Again humongous thanks to the loud and proud support crew! Definitely the best on the circuit!!

Well done kids… amazing today!

From all of your proud coaches!


Adam Evans.

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