20 February 2018 / Team News

U 10's v St Davida 18th Feb 2018

With gloomy skies above and dark heavy oppressive clouds lying low and threatening to burst covering the land in their ever increasing wet load, bravery was called for. Sure enough bravery came from St Davids who laughed in the face of the gods of rain and agreed to host Llangwm’s travelling age groups and for that I applaud them. So under this heavy oppressive sky Llangwm’s finest under 10’s travelled to that far off distant peninsula. Pembrokeshire’s holy land. Steeped in history the young men sought to create history of their own. The slow embers of revenge burning within each and every one of them. Defeat earlier in the season by a solitary try in Llangwm rankled and the cold bitter ashes of defeated could still be tasted on each and every tongue of these brave young men. So having walked upon the sodden field, boots heavy with mud, steps slowed by the cloying grip of the cold holy ground is St Davids these boys knew only one thing. That they and they alone would open the very gates of hell and bring forth the fires that burn there. That they would rise up in a wave of revenge and bring the St Davids team to its knees. That they would not ask for quarter nor would any be given. From the off Llangwm set their stall out. Strong running coupled with good support from all the boys quickly saw this young Llangwm team race into an early lead which they never relinquished. Big strong running from the Llangwm front row of George N Darcy and Rhys caused havoc in the St Davids defence great hoes opening up. This allowed our fleet of foot backs to race through. William Leo and Alfie in particular in fine form. With lovely running angles these boys were able to turn the St Davids defence who spent large parts of the game chasing shadows. Morgs in defence was a colossus and through our the game tackled the St Davids team into the middle of next week. Time and again his bone crunching tackles caused St Davids to spill the ball forward which the ever present George G scooped up and like a pink scrum capped Exocet missile raced up the field leaving defenders in his wake. Jack also took good advantage of the spilt ball and his bravery in diving on the ground was an example to all. The travelling faithful cane to worship at the alter of running rugby and what they witnessed was this team at their sparkling best. Try after try was scored and the boys ran out 11-0 winners. St Davids to their credit stuck to their guns and battled to the bitter end. But in the end they were no match for this team who were at their very destructive best.
Tries scored by
William Morgan 1
George Griffith 11
William Harries 1111
Alfie 111
George Nichols 1

Man of the match William Harries. A deserved winner today. Who scored 4 tries and terrorised St Davids with his pace with ball in hand and whose ferocious tackling smothered any St Davids attack that came his way.

Well done boys a tremendous effort and all John, Gareth and myself are extremely proud of the effort you put in today. Let’s keep this positivity and kick on in style and finish the season in style.




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